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Well, the rally continues. Mortgage backed securities are up another 80 bps since we sent our last post and are now up around 260 bps from the lows hit last summer (roughly 0.625% in rate). That means that almost every homeowner that funded last summer is either looking into refinancing (whether with us or not) or should be. Keep in mind that half of the countries refinances are cash-out, which are less rate sensitive. Get your new payment now with our mortgage calculator with taxes before the risk of the stock market bouncing back and rates rising again.


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  • Purchase

    If you're like most people, purchasing a home is probably one of the biggest investments you'll ever make in your lifetime. If you're considering buying a home, you're likely aware of the complexity of the endeavor. Because of the numerous factors to consider when purchasing a home, it's important to prepare as best you can. At American Financial Network Inc., we are dedicated to finding the loan that fits your individual needs. Try our Mortgage Calculator with taxes to see your new low mortgage payment.

  • Refinancing

    If rates have dropped since you last financed your home, you may want to consider refinancing. Other common reasons to refinance include paying off a balloon payment, converting an adjustable rate loan to a fixed rate loan or to extract cash equity in your home (cash out). Removing PMI or switching to Lender paid PMI. A few reasons for cashing out include: home improvement, an education fund, and consolidating debt.

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  • Concern for the housing market is one reason the Federal Reserve took such extraordinary measures to lower interest rates in recent years, so will the recovery in home prices continue now that the Fed has raised rates? Try our Mortgage Calculator with taxes to see what your new payment can be if you took advantage of today’s low rates.

  • Since home buying activity is more geared towards mortgage rates than the short-term rates the Fed raised in December, that really is a two-part question: first, will loan rates follow the Fed funds rate higher, and second, if it does, will it snuff out the housing rally?

  • The Outlook for Mortgage Rates

    In the week following the Fed’s rate hike, 30-year home loan rates were virtually unchanged, declining by a single basis point to 3.96 percent. This won’t last.

  • " My Loan Officer Gabe Haney at American Financial made purchasing my home very easy and stress free. His knowledge and expertise on mortgage lending and interest rates was easy to recognize within first few minutes of our first conversation. My wife and I knew we were in good hands. We locked in a great rate and we’re officially a home owner. I will always go to Gabe and AFN for all my mortgage needs. "


  • " I literally locked in our interest rate in less than 30min and will be saving over $200 a month while getting some cash. My husband and I could not believe how professional and fast Gabe Haney from American Financial was with helping us with refinancing our home. We were in a serious crunch on time and we needed the cash out fast for an investment. He went above and beyond what we expected. You’re in good hands if Gabe Haney form American Financial is on your side. Our Loan Officer for life!! "

    - Maria Green

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There is NO WARRANTY, expressed or implied, for the accuracy of this information or it's applicability to your financial situation. Please consult your own financial advisor. Please note that various factors can affect rate, points and APR, including, but not limited to, property location, loan product, property type, borrower’s credit score and loan amount. Your rate and points may vary based on these or other factors. Payment shown does not include property taxes, homeowners insurance, and HOA fees, and if applicable, actual payment will be greater. Please consult your loan professional for further details.